System Requirements

All server components of WorksPad run on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 or higher. On all WorksPad servers Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 and Microsoft Windows Installer 2.0 or higher should be installed.

As a database management system WorksPad uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 or higher.

WorksPad supports Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or higher to work with SharePoint Document Libraries.

WorksPad supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 or higher to work with e-mail.

Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) 7 or higher should be installed on the server(s) where the WorksPad web applications will be installed, or where IIS running WorksPad services will be used.

WorksPad authenticates users against Microsoft Active Directory. All WorksPad components, excluding the Dispatcher service, Share service, Share Cleaner task and web applications should be installed on servers that are members of the Active Directory domain.

The requirements for RAM and HDD space depend of the selected deployment configuration (single-server configuration or multi-server configuration) and the expected number of Client users.

Below are the minimum hardware requirements for a typical configuration supporting up to 200 mobile tablet users:

Installation of all WorksPad services on a single server:

CPU: 4-core,
RAM: 8 GB,
HDD: 200 MB (without taking into account the amount of user and published files).

Installation of WorksPad services on two servers:

Server for WorksPad Dispatcher Service + Gateway Service + User Portal + External Access Site:
CPU: 2-core,
RAM: 4 GB,
HDD: 100 MB.

Server for WorksPad Router Service + File Service + Messaging Service + Transfer Service + Admin Service + Share Service + Share Cleaner + Notification Service + Diagnostics Service + Administration Console:
CPU: 2-core,
RAM: 4 GB,
HDD: 100 MB (without taking into account the amount of user and published files).


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